A little experiment with dynamics and hair rendering in c4d, inspired by a funny tut on Greyscalegorilla.
Animation and hair setup was made in C4D, and rendered with arnold render. It definitely needed some more rendering samples, but at 10+ minutes per frame it already took a long enough time for a personal project (total render time was around 60 hours).
The basic simulation as shown in the tutorial, I just added some initial rotation.
The "beauty mesh" applied on the cached simulation
Using native c4d's hair material parameters gave me some interesting but furry looking results, while I wanted something more sharp and defined. 
I decided to go for a higher number of guides, apply a couple of opposing forces to them, freeze the result, and apply the hair material on the simulated guides obtaining a much more organic look.
The final freezed guides.
A point cached and slightly edited beauty mesh on which I finally applied the freezed guides.
I rendered the ball and its shadows in a single dedicated pass, trying to lower render times as much as possible - the wall was a single rendered frame which I then comped in AE. I then proceeded adding a background and some beauty post.
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